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MagSolution Inc., an innovative high-tech battery inspection company.

In the battery market, where the downstream industries such as electric vehicles and ESS are active, quality management and safety technology are becoming more important due to the high capacity and high efficiency trend. We are researching quality monitoring and safety inspection equipment for materials, processes and reuse markets that help to create high quality safe batteries using Frequency Mixing Magnetic Detection (FMMD) technology.

By transferring the unique technology of Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute to Korea, we will become a SME in the globally competitive battery quality safety inspection equipment market through the enthusiasm of start-up companies and cooperation with our partners.

In addition, based on the MagRay series of nanomagnetic particle analysis equipment and NMP strip biochip diagnostic equipment, we will provide customized products that meet the needs of customers in various fields.

We will be reliable partner to our shareholders and customers.
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