‘No measure, No control‘ With MAG-SOLUTION

Battery Inspection Model

Our specialized laminated thin film analysis technology develops the following battery test modules:

Application Area

  • Quality monitoring

    • Quality monitoring of major battery parts
      such as anode material, anode material
      during and aluminum pouch.
  • Fine metal, membrane damage inspection

    • Inspecting micro metals and separators in
      the battery process to improve production yield.
  • Real time safety check

    • Real-time safety inspection of finished
      product and reuse charge / discharge.

Product features

  • Secondary battery Large Cell Cross section area can be scanned sequentially and Z-axis step can be automatically corrected.
  • Based on the numerical data, the user can draw a 2D graph and implement the RGB image of the measurement area.
  • Solution module of H / W and system that can superimpose physical analysis data.
  • Equipment that detects and warns if more than 20um of ferromagnetic material exists in film anode and cathode materials.

Development Schedule

  • ~ March 2020: Completion of initial development of demotest at Lab level.
  • ~ Sep 2020: Completion of commercialization of product line.
  • ~ March 2021: Completed mass production system reflecting customer requirements.