‘No measure, No control‘ With MAG-SOLUTION


MagRay2000 is an analytical device for research using frequency mixing magnetic detection (FMMD) technology. Quantitative and qualitative analyzers based on nonlinear magnetic properties.

Application Area

  • Bio-medical area

    • Analysis of disease detection kits using magnetic nano particles as markers.
    • MRI Contrast Agents, Quantitative Analysis of Nano Magnetic Drug Delivery.
  • Environment / Chemistry
    / Food Safety area

    • Nanoparticle analysis during
      highly purified water treatment.
    • Real time analysis of metal
      foreign substances in liquid
      such as lubricating oil.
    • Real time analysis of metallic foreign substances in food.
  • Nondestructive testing

    • Nondestructive Testing of Metal / Polymer Thin Film Laminated Electronic Materials.
  • Academic and
    research equipment

    • Nano Magnetic Particle Research and Related Technology Development.

Product Features

Based on Amplitude & Based on phase analysis and center frequency

Control function
  • The following items can be set by users through PC GUI or the embedded UI in the Mag Ray controller
  • Amplifier gain values
  • Clock and Phase values of DDS
    * DDS = Direct Digital Synthesizer
  • Internal register control in FPGA(via SPI)
Result output function
  • PC GUI and embedded UI result output
  • 2ch raw analog data display(Measurement head output signal)
  • 2ch FFT spectrum display (Measurement head output signal)
Data storage function
  • PC GUI data file generation function
  • 10ch raw analog data
  • 2ch FFT spectrum data

Product specification

Specification MagRay 2000
Channels 2
Max.Sample Rate 2 MS/s
Output Frequency Range 100 Hz ~ 200 KHz
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
Vertical Resolution 16 bits
Output Amplitude Range 1mVpp ~ 30Vpp
Interface Kintex7, USB 3.0 Device
SW MagRunning (Private program)
General Characteristic
Power 220V, 60Hz
PC Not supported (Intel i5 / RAM 8gb / Window 7 or Higher)
Probe(Choose from 2 Type) a diameter of 35 mm probe, working frequency of 1kHz~50kHz
a diameter of 13 cm Measurement Head, working frequency of 1kHz~100kHz
Product Color Blue and Gray
Product Weight 6.4 Kg
Product Size 450x400x120 mm (W x D x H)
Accessories BNC Cable 1ea, Power Cord 1ea, USB Cable 1ea, SW USB