‘No measure, No control‘ With MAG-SOLUTION


MagRay3000B is a portable device used for real-time analysis of BIO Strip with NMP as a label in the field.

Application area

  • Vibrio species real-time field monitoring

    • Real-time on-site monitoring of seaside Vibrio bacteria mandatory annual inspection.
  • Real time field inspection of crop bacteria

    • Real-time on-site inspection of crop bacteria such as paprika in agricultural complex.
  • Real-time on-site inspection of various bacteria

    • Real-time on-site inspection of various bacteria generated from plant seeds.

Product Features

Quantitative analysis of antigens and antibodies in response to NMP BIO Strip

Control function
  • The following items can be set by users through PC GUI or the embedded UI in the Mag Ray controller
  • Amplifier gain values
  • The following values ​​can be controlled using PC GUI and embedded UIGain Control of Amplifier Clock and Phase Value Control in DDS
  • Offset voltage value control in final output cycle signal (signal with DDS output amplified)
  • Internal register control on FPGA (control via SPI, etc.)
Result output function
  • PC GUI and embedded UI result output
  • 2ch raw analog data display(Measurement head output signal)
  • 2ch FFT spectrum display (Measurement head output signal)
Data storage function
  • PC GUI data file generation function
  • 10ch raw analog data
  • 2ch FFT spectrum data

Product specification

Specification MagRay 3000
Channels 1
Max.Sample Rate 2 MS/s
Output Frequency Range 100 Hz ~ 200 KHz
Frequency Resolution 1 Hz
Vertical Resolution 16 bits
Output Amplitude Range 1mVpp ~ 20Vpp
Interface Kintex7, USB 3.0 Device
SW MagRunning (Private program)
General Characteristic
Power 5000mA/h Lithium ion battery (charge to 220V 60hz)
Display 7"HDMI Display with Capacitive Touchscreen
PC Embedded PC (Intel i5, RAM 8gb, Windows 10 64bit)
Probe Embedded Probe
Product Color Black and Silver
Product Weight 3.6 Kg
Product Size 290 x 170 x 100 mm (W x D x H)
Accessories Battery 1ea, Charging cable 1ea