‘No measure, No control‘ With MAG-SOLUTION

Battery inspection equipment

MagSolution Co., Inc. is developing inspection equipment to improve battery yield and safety by collaborating with domestic and overseas materials, parts, finished products, and major consumers in the battery industry, which is growing as the second semiconductor industry. We will develop not only fine metal particle quantitative inspection, multilayer thin film internal inspection, magnetic properties of mixed materials, but also two- and three-dimensional images using the calculated data to develop into the optimal technology and equipment for various battery inspection fields.

Field under research and development

  • R&D 01

    Cathode Material, Aluminum Pouch, etc. main material and part quality monitoring of battery Inspection field

  • R&D 02

    To improve production process yield Inspection equipment field

  • R&D 03

    When charging and discharging finished products and reuse security inspection equipment field