‘No measure, No control‘ With MAG-SOLUTION

Application Development

We produce and sell customized products that meet the specific needs of various industries. We are also dealing with agency contracts with sales marketing specialists.

Customizing equipment according to customer requirements

  • Magnetic substance concentration and distribution test of Microwave absorber sheet

  • Dispenser Machine Injection Nozzle Outlet Inspection
    (Material mixing ratio quality monitoring)

  • Inspection of metal particles in various liquids

  • Inspect the degree of oxidation or corrosion of iron and copper plates

  • Bio-related inspection using NMP(nano magnetic particle) as a labeling material such as contrast agent and biochip

Other Analytical Technology and Equipment

We are internalizing a variety of analysis technologies, including patents for resonator inspection using microwave wavelengths. We are reviewing R&D on participating in the localization project of the Korea National Oil Management Institute and real-time analysis of ingredients such as food and oil.